Lush at Christmas: Gift Guide!

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By Shawna Healey

If you’re looking to buy ethical, environmental and 100% vegan Christmas products, then Lush may be just the answer!

aAh! spoke to Saffa, Christmas sales associate at Lush Manchester, to get the low down on all the available Lush Christmas goodies.

Snow Fairy is everything, and Lush are offering the scent across a wide range of products, including soap, bath bombs, shower gel, body conditioner and body spray, as well as a selection of seasonal gifts. With so much to choose from, the sugary candyfloss scent becomes even more irresistible.

If you’re looking for a gift to share with a partner, then the Holly Berry massage bar could be for you! It costs £7.50 and smells of lovely bergamot with buchu and tangerine oil. It’s made with cocoa butter, illipe butter and mango butter to make it extra creamy and luxurious.

Lush is offering two Christmas limited edition lip scrubs, Cranberry Fizz and Sugar Plum Fairy, retailing at £6.50 a pop. Better yet, they’re food grade, which means that you can lick your lips and eat them after application!

One of Lush’s most inventive products is the shower jelly. It’s a shower gel in a jelly form that you can use all over your body, and in warmer months, you can store in your freezer in order to make your showers particularly refreshing. This year, Lush has brought back two favourite jellies, Butterbear, costing £3.95, and Santa’s Belly, retailing at £4.95.

Another inventive and innovative jelly-based product is the brand-new Reindeer face mask! It retails at £7.95 for 65g and smells of decedent chocolate with a slight hint of tangerine. For any chocolate lovers out there, this one is for you!

Every Lush fan’s favourite fresh cleanser, Bûche De Noël, has also made a comeback as a limited edition Christmas item, retailing at £8.50 for 100g.

Sparkle jars are last year’s new invention, but Lush have brought them back in a brand new jar in the shape and with the smell of a gingerbread man. This retails at £8.50, along with the other two sparkle jars, Snow Fairy and Twilight. These are 2-in-1 massage bars containing vegan, plastic-free glitter.

Photo: elfwithatwist (Instagram)

Body conditioners are in-shower daily use conditioners that blend essential oils with fresh fruit juice to moisturise the skin. These come in both liquid and naked forms. Naked shower gel is a solid shower gel that lathers and contains more washes per “bottle” than traditional liquid shower gel.There are three scents on sale this year, including the obvious Snow Fairy, as well as Christingle and Once Upon a Time. Christingle has a fresh, minty scent, while Once Upon a Time smells of fresh, juicy apples. They retail at various prices, but both the liquid and naked Christingle are £10.95.

Photo: thenzlushie (Instagram)

Bubble bars are like bath bombs, except that you can chop them up and get multiple uses from them, making them more sustainable for your bank balance. They are one of Lush’s staple products, and this year they’ve released a range of festive bubble bars to suit everybody’s taste.

Photo: LushStratfordCity (Instagram)

Naughty Elf is spicy mixture of violets, petitgrain oil and mango leaf absolute and retails at £6.95 per bar, while Candy Cane is also of the spicy variety and costs £3.95 a go.

Snowflake is a brand new festive limited-edition bubble spinner that smells of patchouli and orange flower absolute, and retails at £6.95.

Candy Mountain Yule Log is a sweet, creamy, candyfloss-scented bubble bar from the Rock Star scent family. It costs £3.95 and can be used multiple times, which makes it one of the more affordable products in the range.

It wouldn’t be a Lush Christmas without a Snow Fairy bubble bar, and this year it comes in the form of the reusable Magic Wand. It costs £6.95, but has the benefit of coming on a stick for easy application.

Yog Nog is one of the favourite Lush classic scents, and this year it comes in the form of Yog Nog Yule Log bubble bar. It retails at £5.95 and smells of warm cinnamon, nutmeg and ylang ylang oil.

Puddly Holly is a bubbleroon, which differs slightly from a bubble bar but is still reusable. It smells of tonka absolute, almond essential oil and cederwood oil and retails at £4.95.

Lush’s staple product is their bath bombs, with scents and formulas to suit all tastes and skin types.

Photo: LushBristol (Instagram)

Shoot For the Stars uses fair trade cocoa butter to moisturise the skin, with bergamot oil to create a pleasant citrusy scent. It also includes creamed coconut and almond oil to sooth and hydrate. It retails at £4.95.

Golden Wonder is a slightly more expensive offering at £5.50. However, it is of a considerable size, and includes a smaller bomb inside the larger outer shell.

Luxury Lush Pud includes zesty bergamot oil, cassis oil and cypress oil that is both refreshing and soothing. It costs £4.95.

The World’s Smallest Disco is a new release for this Christmas and comes in at £5.25. It contains Persian lime oil that tones and brightens the skin and popping candy that adds a literal pop to the bath!

Lush has also brought out a multitude of limited edition Christmas soaps, such as the citrus-scented The North Polar Bear Left The Tap On For The Northern Lights and Let Two Years Out in One Go, which costs £5.95 for 100g.

There’s also the less wordy Satsuma and Golden Pear, costing £6.95 per bar, along with Baked Alaska and Shooting Stars. Another brand-new soap this year is Icehoggles, which smells of bergamot, patchouli and ylang ylang. Merry Berry and Strawberry Santa are also new this year.

Lush typically sells three types of shower gel: liquid shower gel, naked shower gel, and a shower cream. This year, they have just the liquid and naked shower gel on offer.

In addition to Snow Fairy, Sleepy and Cinders are offered in both naked and liquid form. They all slightly differ in price, but for naked Ciders it’s £8.95 and for naked Sleepy it’s £9.95.

Photo: LushBraehead (Instagram)

Bath oils and melts are good for those who like a luxurious, creamy bath full of skin-softening oils which are both naturally and ethically sourced. This year, the bath melts on offer are Star Light Star Bright and Plum Pudding. Star Light Bright comes in at £4.95, while Plum Pudding is more expensive at £5.75 but is reusable. The Plum Pudding oil produces a magical dark purple bath water with a silver lustre, and is part of the Plum Rain scent family.

PC: LushYasMall (Instagram)

Knot-wraps are based on the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, and are a great way to wrap any gift. They are made from either organic cotton or from recycled bottles. This Christmas, there are a variety of knot-wraps available, so you can personalise your own gifts!

If you fancy any of these but the prices are a problem, keep a look out on Lush’s social media, as they are set to have a 50% off Boxing Day sale. This sale is always offered in-store, but it hasn’t yet been announced if it will be available online as well.

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